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Testing Capabilities of Kondex’s Metallurgy Lab

Here’s an inside look at Kondex’s Metallurgy Lab, an important step in ensuring the highest level of product performance.

  • Kondex employs three metallurgists with different industry backgrounds and experience levels. These metallurgists provide quality control, design, and analysis services, as well as research on new materials, heat treatments, coatings, and manufacturing processes that keep Kondex and our customers up-to-date on industry trends and new technologies. All services are provided at no cost to our customers.
  • The Kondex metallurgical lab has sample preparation capabilities, various hardness testing machines/scales, digital image analysis, and wear testing. These capabilities allow us to verify mechanical properties and microstructures of materials and coatings, analyze heat treatments, and perform failure analyses and competitive analyses. In addition to daily production quality control, these competencies are also used in the design and quoting of new parts to ensure the right materials and properties are specified for each application.

Figure 1. Sample preparation equipment in Kondex metallurgical lab.

Figure 2. Hardness testing equipment, microscopes and digital imaging at Kondex.


Figure 3. ASTM G65 wear tester.

  • One of the newest pieces of lab equipment is an ASTM G65 Dry Sand/Rubber Wheel abrasion/wear tester. This machine enables us to compare materials, heat treatments, and coatings for wear resistance, a major concern for our customers. This testing also saves customers considerable time and money in field testing, allowing them to focus their efforts on the most promising products. It also provides hard data to an otherwise subjective performance indicator that can be used for marketing and sales.