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Achieving a Zero DART Rate.

For the first time in Kondex history, the Company has achieved a 0.0 DART rate for its full, 13-period year. DART (Days Away/Restricted/Transfer) is one of many safety metrics in use at Kondex, and it’s also the most comprehensive and universally recognized throughout the industry. The ready availability of DART averages allows Kondex to benchmark its safety performance with other industry or regional manufacturers.

“We began focusing on our DART rate about 10 years ago, comparing our score to that of the industry average,” commented Kondex VP of Manufacturing Brian Bloczynski. “Having since implemented several safety initiatives, we’ve consistently remained at or below the 3.0 industry average in recent years. Achieving a zero DART rate for the last year is extremely rewarding, as this signifies zero injuries causing one or more days of missed or restricted work, or transfers to another task due to incidents.”

Rates are calculated by multiplying the total number of DART incidents by 200,000, and dividing this number by the total associate labor hours worked. In many cases, a small number of injuries can have a significant impact on a company’s overall score. For Kondex, a past DART rate of 1.0 came from two injuries incurred over a year ago.

Various safety facts listed along a trail

“When we see injuries of any kind – whether severe, minor, or even near misses – we follow a very strict protocol of investigation,” Bloczynski stated. These investigations lead to safety action plans, hazard assessments, associate training, and more. In fact, Kondex generates approximately 500 safety action plans each year on hazards of varying degree.

Achieving a zero DART goal does not mean our job is over – there’s always room for improvement. With a culture very internalized to safety, all associates share in the responsibility of minimizing risks and improving their work environments.

“Our associates know that their safety is our top priority – this is stressed by management and peers regularly. They also understand that working to improve safety happens every day,” said Bloczynski. “Through individual ownership of this initiative, our Safety Team reaches beyond its dedicated 20 associates to all 200 Kondex associates. And with everyone focused on safety,
maintaining a 0.0 DART rate is an achievable goal.”