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Safety Aim Results in Lowered DART Rate.

In the last three years, Kondex has reduced its DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) rate by more than 60%. This metric is used to measure the impact of job-related injuries, as it tracks those that prevent someone from working, restrict one’s activities, or require transfer to another task. While the Company aims for zero incidents, this downward trend is reflective of the ongoing efforts to keep our associates safe.

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Achieving a Zero DART Rate.

For the first time in Kondex history, the Company has achieved a 0.0 DART rate for its full, 13-period year. DART (Days Away/Restricted/Transfer) is one of many safety metrics in use at Kondex, and it’s also the most comprehensive and universally recognized throughout the industry. The ready availability of DART averages allows Kondex to benchmark its safety performance with other industry or regional manufacturers.
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Safety in Every Space.

“Who will be the Rescue Team Member?” asked Kondex Team Leader Jesse Pauly to his staff at the Company’s recent confined space training event. Once all responsibilities were assigned, Pauly pointed out each tool needed for proper entry. He then suited up in a harness, another required tool of the entrant into the Company’s most commonly accessed confined space. While the team had fun with this exercise, all tasks were performed with a deep understanding of the importance of confined space, and all, plant safety.
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Kondex Automates Swaging Operation.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Kondex recently completed a six-month project to streamline an additional manufacturing process. Swaging, a forging process used to manufacture approximately 98% of Kondex’s hollow tines, is now an automated process. Previously, parts were picked and set by hand for both swaging and chamfering of beveled tips. A robotic arm now manages both operations.
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