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Lego League to Leaders: Using Robotics to Problem Solve.

Kewaskum Middle School is using the FIRST Lego League competition to help students learn about robotics, and more importantly, global issues. FIRST Lego League is a worldwide organization that holds an annual competition centered around a different theme. This year’s theme, hydro dynamics, challenged students to improve the way people find, transport, use, or dispose of water – including that for drinking, recreation, or commercial/industrial use. Each team was tasked with building and programming a Lego Mindstorm robot, which needed to autonomously traverse a predesigned field, perform tasks, and return to “base” – the starting area on the field. Kewaskum Middle School had 11 students who participated in a regional tournament at Appleton East High School on November 4th.

Kewaskum’s team was made up of 11 students and Information Technology Instructor David Schultz

“We really appreciate Kondex and all our sponsoring companies; the kids had a great time,” commented Kewaskum Middle School Information Technology Instructor David Schultz. “With the money raised, we were able to improve our robots with rechargeable battery packs, which prevented having to partially disassemble the robot to change batteries. We also purchased a new Lego Mindstorm Robot kit.”

Students and judges standing around the Lego project
Students used Lego Mindstorm robots to solve hydro dynamic issues at the annual FIRST Lego League tournament

“We wanted to sponsor Kewaskum Middle School’s Lego League competition because it helps kids exercise problem solving and leadership skills while understanding the role of robotics in the workplace,” said Human Resources Representative Kelly Peterson. “Manufacturing is continually advancing technologically, and robotics will remain a strong part of future progression. But it’s the people behind and around the automation that deliver the real value to businesses. It’s important for students to see how they could fit into that role.”