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Celebrating Knife Day Every Day.

It seems there’s a day of the year for everything, and when we came across Knife Day (formally celebrated August 24th), we couldn’t resist chiming in on the excitement. This day is intended to celebrate knives as tools, appreciate their usefulness, and reflect on their evolution. With most of our products being knives, this could very well be a Kondex holiday! Luckily for our customers, we remain open during observance.
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Theisen Recognized by ASABE.

Kondex Senior Application Engineer Andy Theisen was recently recognized by ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) for outstanding leadership as conference chair over its 2018 AETC (Agricultural Equipment and Technology Conference) event. Theisen’s efforts were acknowledged at ASABE’s Annual International Meeting in Detroit, an event that drew approximately 1,300 attendees from all continents.
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Stepping Up to Healthier Associates.

We all know that a daily dose of exercise is good for the mind, body, and soul. At Kondex, it can also provide you with a little extra free time. In a program started in May of 2009, aptly named Step Up to Your Health, associates record the days in which they’ve completed physical activity of 30 minutes or more. Once they’ve logged 30 entries, they’re entered for a chance to earn time off in two monthly drawings! The program has good participation with over 450 submissions to date, and instills the importance of staying active and trading in those work shoes for athletic shoes. “It’s part of our overall wellness strategy to help keep associates healthy for Kondex and for their families,” commented VP of Human Resources & Organizational Development Mike Frydryk.
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Oakfield High School Students Partner with Kondex on Project GRILL.

Another year of Project GRILL (Growing Readiness in Learning and Leading) is behind us, and each year brings its own challenges and celebrations. Kondex partnered with Oakfield High School for its eighth year of support. Project GRILL is an initiative of Fond du Lac Works, a program of Envision Greater Fond du Lac, and is designed to introduce high schoolers to career opportunities available in manufacturing. For the full school year, students are tasked with designing and building a working charcoal grill from scratch. There are eight participating high schools with eight sponsor companies that offer support and assistance on the project.
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