Creating Leaders in our Communities!

Kondex has been a long-standing supporter of the Junior Achievement (JA) program, whose purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. The non-profit organization’s mission is accomplished by community volunteers teaching students work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. Kondex President Jim Wessing first recognized the significance of the Junior Achievement program in 1972, two years before founding Kondex. He’s since shared his passion as a Junior Achievement advocate with several Kondex associates over the years, many of whom had their own unique history with the program.

This year, Kondex has five participants serving as mentors who go onsite to partner schools and discuss their various areas of expertise while adhering to the pre-determined curriculum provided. Through terminology lessons followed by related activities and mock management of student-owned companies, the young people learn about real world challenges and decisions that companies face on a day to day basis. One such activity involves the students standing in a circle with each holding a designated manufacturing process or product card. A string is first held by the participant with the raw material card and continues to spider web through the students as they all eventually grab onto the string when their applicable product or process card is called. At the end of the activity, the kids learn the global importance of all the necessary manufacturing steps in creating the final product or process.    

Additionally, the Junior Achievement experience allows the students to see how the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes that they’re taking today set the foundation for career paths available to them in the future. As they advance through the stages of the program, the lessons move from a focus on family to community and then the nation. 

Our employees describe the program as very rewarding, and love to see the enthusiasm and creativity it brings out in young people. Jackie Krebsbach, Manager of Sales Administration & Analytics, talks about why she has been involved in the program over the last couple of years.

“What drove me to become a JA volunteer is the experience it had on my children, who participated in the program in elementary school,” said Krebsbach. “They always came home from school on days when they had JA very excited and eager to share what they learned and what fun activities they did. Because of this, and a passion for tutoring and coaching, I also got involved.”

 At Kondex, we’re proud to help strengthen the communities in which we live, work and play!

Kondex has hosted Junior Achievement activities onsite for the Lomira Middle School 8th graders--a day of education and fun!