Design for Function or Manufacturing?

With Kondex’s laser additive technology, we’re opening the door to new design opportunities. While old processes required designs be based on manufacturing capabilities, new laser cladding, laser heat treating, and laser glazing technologies are allowing engineers to design for function rather than manufacturing processes.

Using Kondex’s laser technology, you may be able to eliminate unneeded, costly manufacturing processes. Made possible through the true metallurgical bond (versus mechanical bond) used with laser cladding to make coatings, and the ability to build 3D parts from cladding consumables. This simplification can lead to less raw materials being used, decreased complexity, and best of all lowered costs – all without sacrificing product strength or integrity! In fact, our laser technology offers greater strength and durability than products with commonly used performance coatings.

Rethink your product designs, and achieve your product goals for:

  • Greater durability
  • Improved wear
  • Reduced weight
  • Lowered cost
  • Decreased complexity

Contact us to find out how your products can benefit from Kondex’s laser cladding, laser heat treating, and laser glazing.

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