Kondex Is Focused on Sound Environmental Manufacturing.

Kondex Corporation has a commitment to not only manufacturing quality products, but also manufacturing them in an environmentally conscious manner. Evidence to our commitment is our certification as an ISO 14001 manufacturer.

Certification requires more than a sound environmental policy. ISO 14001 certification dovetails with our ISO 9001 Lean manufacturing standards, ensuring that our efforts to manufacture efficiently translate into minimizing any negative affects on our environment.

Examples of environmental improvements made by Kondex include:

  • Strict compliance with all environmental laws and regulations
  • The plant uses all high-output fluorescent lighting for greater energy efficiency.
  • Floor to ceiling windows in the plant for natural lighting
  • The building roof is white to reflect sunlight and reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • To control storm water runoff, nothing is stored outside of the building.
  • All plant process wastewater is filtered before disposal to remove oils and solids.
  • Grounds are planted with a mix of native grasses and harvested crops, which require minimal mowing and chemicals.
  • All skids and pallets are treated to eliminate the potential transfer of pests and meet the Import/Export Wood Packaging Guidelines (ISPM 15 International Standards).

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Kondex Environmental Policy.

It is the Policy of the Kondex Corporation to comply with all applicable environmental requirements dealing with federal, state and local regulations as well as other applicable and customer imposed requirements. We are committed to pollution prevention and continuous improvement.

Our ultimate goal is to have a minimal impact on the environment as a result of our operations, while providing a safe and healthy workplace for our associates and the best overall value for our customers.

To ensure that our corporate environmental policy is carried out, Kondex will:

1. Work with all regulatory agencies and strive to comply fully with environmental legislation that pertains directly to our operations.
2. Comply with all voluntary and customer-imposed environmental requirements, as necessary.
3. Consider the environmental impact of our business decisions relating to manufacturing processes, purchasing, supply chain management and future site development.
4. Develop process controls and procedures to effectively monitor and maintain manufacturing operations that have the potential for adverse environmental impact.
5. Provide the necessary training in environmental requirements and procedures to associates.

By adhering to this policy, the Management and Associates of the Kondex Corporation believe that we are sustaining the viability of our business and providing greater value to our customers, stakeholders and the community in which we operate.

This policy will be communicated to all Kondex associates and will be available to the public.

Jim Wessing