Gain Durability with Hard-Face Welding.

Hard-face welding is one of many additive wear preventive techniques Kondex performs. Unlike common hard-face welding applications that sprinkle carbides onto the melt pool, our process delivers greater carbide capture and density as the carbide and matrix metal mixture are part of the weld wire.

Why Does Carbide Capture Efficiency Matter?

Carbide capture efficiency measures how much of the intended carbide is actually used on a part. Hard-face welding applications that disperse or sprinkle carbides onto the weld melt pool have a much lower efficiency rate due to much of the carbide missing the part and falling outside of the surface area as waste. Stop paying for waste!

What is Carbide Density?

Carbide density is a measure of how evenly the carbides are spread within the weld bead. Because Kondex uses a weld wire that incorporates the carbide with the matrix metal, you’ll gain 100% carbide density throughout the applied area. You get it all, and it won’t easily chip off like other surface-applied hard facing.

Traditional hard face welding with sprinkled-on carbides have a low carbide density and distribution, in addition to risk of carbide loss as product wears

Kondex hard face welding offers consistent carbide density and distribution for even greater product life

What Other Wear Preventive Techniques Does Kondex Offer?

Kondex offers a variety of wear preventive services beyond hard-face welding. Some of these include:

Your product goals will determine the best potential solution. A few factors that weigh into which process to use include heat affected zone implications, precision of application, and base metal material grades.

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