Kondex Behind the Scenes! Who’s Working for YOU?

Recently, we received the following compliment from one of our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. “…I just wanted to thank you for the GREAT job you have been doing with [our] account. [Our] management completed a large audit last week to find the suppliers who are over shipping VMI parts by 125% of max or greater without permission. You were the only supplier who didn’t have any parts on the list. I have over 200+ suppliers that I deal with and you are by far the best!”

Statements like these validate our goal of collaborating with you to provide custom value-added services. Behind the scenes of every order is a team committed to making your production lines or service operations run more efficiently-translating to less stress and follow-up for you. This may include Vendor Managed Inventory, as in the example above, or part sequencing where product manufacturing and delivery is sequenced to align with your production schedule. Kondex also offers private labeling and packaging, kitting, five day shipment programs for popular in-season items, depot and direct ship options, as well as various other services to help keep things running like a well-oiled machine.

“Providing our customers with the best possible service is a responsibility and vision shared by all Kondex associates,” said Manager of Production Planning and Control, Mike Vielbig. “Every customer has unique goals, and we take it upon ourselves to identify ways to ensure their needs are met.”

Get the best from your supplier-see how Kondex can work for YOU!