Kondex Coring Tines.

Kondex is a leader in manufacturing professional, high-end aerator tines for golf courses, as well as sports and athletic fields. We are also known for producing high-quality economy tines for the landscaping and residential markets, for use on self-propelled, tow-behind, and walk-behind landscaping equipment and homeowner grade aerators.

Absolute Consistency
Our coring tines go from raw material to formed tine using the latest in progressive tool manufacturing. By reducing the number of processes and tools required for production, we’re able to maximize manufacturing efficiency and ensure absolute consistency and quality in each tine.

Best Point of First Ground Penetration
The tip of our coring tine is coined in the tooling, not hand-ground. Coining also prevents curling - a deformed appearance common with competitive tines. Most importantly, by coining the tip, we create the best and most consistent point of first ground penetration in the market.

Improved Flow
Kondex also took great care to optimize the flow of the plug. By more effectively moving the plug through the tip of the tine and out the side eject, less stress is placed on the overall tine. We also carefully selected the steel used to make the tine, inspecting each batch for specific metallurgical properties. The combination of closely controlled steel and a design that reduces overall stress makes Kondex's coring tine highly resistant to wear and breakage.

Increased Wear and Breakage Resistance
The process of heat-treating metals for increased wear and breakage resistance is one of Kondex’s core competencies.  Each batch of coring tines is carefully inspected in our in-house Metallurgy Department to ensure that every customer gets properly heat-treated coring tines, every time.

Reduced Risk of Rust
Kondex coring tines come standard with anti-rust oil finish to eliminate the risk of rust during transit and prolonged storage. Tines are also available with clear zinc, powder coat, or e-coat finishes to enhance the quality appearance of our coring tines.

Quality Control
Kondex inspects all incoming materials, tagging parts for traceability, final dimensional checks, and a cross section analysis of metallurgical grain structure to verify proper heat-treatment. We do all this to ensure the highest possible level of quality and performance – it’s how we do business.

Partners in Innovation
Our experience tells us that each machine utilizes a slightly different fastening type, and we are happy to accommodate this with flexibility in mounting options.