Kondex Welcomes Dr. Quick.

World-renowned Harvest Engineer Dr. Graeme Quick recently visited Kondex to share his expertise and discuss new component ideas. Dr. Quick is an Australian native, author of 15 books, and an active participant in furthering agricultural engineering. As a graduate and former instructor at Iowa State University; Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE); Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Australia; and overall expert on harvesting equipment, Dr. Quick has globally influenced the design of harvesting equipment and farm machinery.

Kondex and Dr. Quick have been acquaintances through ASABE for 40 years. After learning of his planned U.S. visit, Kondex representatives arranged for a collaboration meeting.

“Dr. Quick has been very influential in our industry. In fact, many standard agricultural cutting parts today started from his ideas and concepts,” commented Kondex President Jim Wessing. “We are thrilled to have Graeme as a partner for idea sharing and resource for additional Australian field testing. His insight will be instrumental in our development of new concepts and components.”