What Is Laser Additive Manufacturing?

Laser additive manufacturing is a process in which metallic material (in powder or wire form) is deposited in either singular or successive layers to produce a feature on an existing substrate or a new free-form product.

Laser Additive Benefits.

  • Flexibility to match or modify material properties to that of substrate
  • Alleviates design constraints in complex geometry forgings/castings
  • Unique part creation at typically less cost than traditional material removal operations

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Additive Options.

  • CrystalloyTM
  • TungstrongTM / Tungstrong PlusTM
  • ToughstrikeTM

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Laser additive manufacturing can be used for many applications, including:

  • High-wear products where multi-profile geometries can enhance performance
  • Bolt-on parts that could become an additive build-up of the accompanying product
  • Adding new features to an existing component


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