Laser Cladding vs. Thermal Spray.

Sharper, Longer Lasting Parts... No Added Cost

Yes, you read that right. Kondex is able to provide sharper, longer lasting parts than thermal sprayed components, at the same cost as thermal spray. How is this possible? The answer lies in Kondex's laser additive technology.

Laser Cladding vs. Thermal Spray
Kondex innovation is delivering improved results for our customers by utilizing laser cladding in lieu of thermal spray. The benefits are clear:

  • Sharper Parts
    Our laser cladding process eliminates unnecessary processes that can dull edges, allowing your parts to maintain their sharp edge for better performance.

  • Improved Wear & Impact Resistance
    Laser cladding offers improved wear capabilities over thermal spray, largely due to its true metallurgical bond that offers greater adhesion than the mechanical bonding of thermal spray. While thermal spray can incur delamination from porosity or surface preparation, laser cladding won’t delaminate and its metallurgical bond creates greater impact resistance. The result is often 2-3 times greater product life!

  • More Design Possibilities
    Stop working around manufacturing limitations and start designing for function. From multi-layer profiles to 3D buildup, Kondex laser cladding can eliminate complex manufacturing steps and streamline efficiency. The low heat affected zone of laser cladding over thermal spray also impacts product design, as it offers little to no distortion on parts of all sizes and thicknesses.

  • Cost Savings
    Because laser cladding is applied to specific areas of your part, you only pay for the application used, rather than what other processes dictate. This is not only more economical, but a more efficient use of resources. Eliminating other processes, such as cleaning, blasting, and fusing adds to the efficiency – and savings – of laser cladding.

Contact us today to discuss how our laser additive technology can improve the design and functionality of your components!