Laser Cladding: Your Solution to Traction and Wear Control

The solution to improving the wear or traction of construction equipment is here. Kondex’s laser cladding technology offers proven and cost effective results that address these operational concerns, while improving your brand and product longevity.

Looking to improve your product’s hours of service by 2-3 times? These are common results for many laser cladding applications. This is possible because our laser cladding is a metallurgically bonded additive manufacturing process. Its low heat affected zone makes laser cladding a viable application to improve traction on thin or thick surfaces. The process requires no masking, cleaning, blasting, or fusing – making it both effective and efficient.

With Kondex, you’ll gain mass production capability from an ISO certified manufacturer. We hold over five years of laser cladding experience, have been a leading manufacturer for 40 years, and employ an in-house team of metallurgy and engineering experts to ensure that correct and consistent bonding and structure is maintained. Our team is committed to finding solutions to your manufacturing needs. Contact us to discuss your next project.