Gain 2-3 Times Product Life

Dull sod cutter blades are detrimental to a quality cut. They can rob fuel consumption, increase equipment loads and vibration, as well as diminsh the sod quality-especially in dry and sandy conditions. The new Kondex laser enhanced sod cutter blades maintain a sharp edge on the ground-engaging areas, which in turn offers a smoother and cleaner cut for a longer period of time. This all lends iteself to enhanced productivity by reducing downtime in blade replacement.

We've tested our laser enhanced sod cutter blades against traditional blades in very sandy and abrasive soil conditions. The results were incredible! With the addition of Kondex Toughstrike™ (an exclusive laser clad additive), the blades lasted 2-3 times longer!

Left blade-features Kondex Toughstrike™
Right blade-traditional non-coated

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