Rethink Your Designs with Laser Enhancing Technology.

Kondex laser enhancing technology is opening new doors to product design by removing some of the manufacturing constraints previously considered when designing equipment components. Utilizing a laser to apply material or improve the microstructure of steel or ductile iron components, you’ll gain greater durability, improved wear, and reduced product weight.

Laser Cladding.

  • Metallurgically bonded performance coating
  • Various metal matrix composites available
  • Results in even carbide distribution
  • Ideal for extreme wear surfaces

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Laser Additive.

  • Single or successive layer laser cladding
  • Ideal for adding features or adjoining material to existing parts; also for free-form product creation

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Laser Heat Treat.

  • Non-additive hardening process
  • Ideal for strengthening parts where surface roughness cannot be altered
  • Low heat input for little to no product distortion

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Laser Remelting.

  • Non-additive hardening process
  • Ideal for products needing isolated deeper depths of hardness
  • Greater heat input than laser heat treat

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