What Is Laser Remelting?

Laser remelting is a non-additive process that utilizes a laser to impart energy to the surface of a base component, resulting in a thin area of molten material. The rapid melting and cooling that occur as the laser passes over the part changes the microstructure to an ultra-fine grain in the remelted area. The new material properties include higher hardness and greater wear resistance. Kondex technology prevents surface vaporization, which could otherwise have unintended performance results.

Laser Remelting Benefits.

  • Higher hardness values than traditional heat treating methods
  • Greater hardness depths than laser heat treating
  • Prevents material fatigue
  • Redistribution of carbides in high-alloy steels to create a more uniform wear surface
  • Localized process strengthens exact areas of need

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Remelting Options.

  • DuctileArmorTM
  • Steel Remelt

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Laser remelting can be used to enhance many components, including:

  • Products needing to retain their original dimensions (no profile change)
  • Cost competitive products requiring high hardness values
  • Ground engaging or high-wear components
  • Austempered ductile iron parts in need of superior wear properties


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