Music in Manufacturing.

Each and every day at Kondex there’s a hum of activity in the air; the soothing melodies that evoke pride in being part of American manufacturing – an industry that supports approximately 17.6 million jobs in the U.S and 12% of the gross domestic product. Walk down any Kondex plant aisle and you’ll hear the different harmonies. The gentle glide of cranes unloading raw materials, the systematic beats of metal being stamped out at impressive rates, the buzz of welding, the rapping of staple guns packaging components, and beeping of forklifts alerting you they’re near – it all sings the sweet song of manufacturing and efficiency.

This song is often tuned out as background noise, but became very evident when it was paused between Christmas and the New Year. It was during this week that, due to the calendar days the holidays fell on, the Kondex plant associates were not working. The machines were not running, and the music had stopped. Sure, there was still some activity here or there, as the week became an opportune time for maintenance and other planning activities. But anyone who walked into the plant was immediately struck by a deafening silence. It was as if a sixth sense had been triggered, and the lack of music caused a feeling of something being wrong.

When the song resumed the following week, you could almost hear the larger symphony to which Kondex contributes. As sickle assemblies were again loaded for customer delivery, you could envision the sounds of the combines running these sickles to harvest wheat fields, the crops being unloaded at grain elevators, wheat being milled to flour, and flour being used in kitchens around the world. There are beautiful songs to each of the products we make at Kondex. The lyrics may vary with some singing of feeding the world and others of freshly cut or aerated golf greens and sports fields. But the roots of these songs are a glorious refrain of American manufacturing and its impact in all of our lives. The next time you purchase a loaf of bread, swing your golf clubs, or find yourself, well anywhere, we hope you’ll pause a moment to take in the music behind those experiences – the music in manufacturing.