Kondex Survey Reveals
Company & Product Strengths

Areas of Improvement Being Targeted

Recently Kondex sent out an e-survey asking customers, “How are we doing at serving your needs?” Using 12 specific questions focused on critical areas of our performance, we found that overall, customers are happy with our products and service.

The goal of the survey, though, was to identify any areas needing improvement…and we found a few!  We’re dedicated to making those improvements and have addressed a few key areas already.

We’d like to thank you all for responding – we appreciate your time and effort. Your input helps us continue to provide the best quality products with incredible service!

Here’s a look at the initial survey results. For statements 1 through 10, we asked you to identify how strongly you agree or disagree; question 11 asked you how likely you are to recommend us to a friend.

1: “The Kondex Sales staff keeps in touch with me and is also readily accessible and available when I have a question or need for their involvement.”

  • 97% “strongly agree” or “agree”

2: “We receive timely and appropriate responses to Request For Quotes (RFQ's) from Kondex.”

  • 96% “strongly agree” or “agree”

3: “We feel confident bringing design challenges to the Kondex Engineering/Metallurgical staff because of their demonstrated abilities to provide solutions.”

  • 90% “strongly agree” or “agree”

 4: “Lead times required by Kondex are well within the norms for our industry, and fit within our typical planning horizons.”

  • 76% “strongly agree” or “agree”

5: “Kondex pricing is appropriate for the quality and support we've come to expect from them.

  • 85% “strongly agree” or “agree”

6: “The Kondex Customer Service staff operates at a high level of professionalism, responding quickly and effectively to handle all of our needs and requirements.

  • 96% “strongly agree” or “agree”

7: “Order entry is typically completed with accuracy and efficiency.

  • 97% “strongly agree” or “agree”

8: “Kondex consistently delivers orders on time and complete.

  • 85% “strongly agree” or “agree”

9: “Kondex products meet our own rigorous quality standards, based on our industry's most relevant criteria of quality.

  • 96% “strongly agree” or “agree”

10: “The Kondex Quality Assurance team provides valuable, effective support for all of our quality/inspection requirements.

  • 94% “strongly agree” or “agree”

11: “Based on all of your experiences as a customer of Kondex, how likely would you be to recommend Kondex to a close friend?

  • 93% “likely” or “very likely”

12: “If there was one thing you could change about doing business with Kondex, what would you change?”

The comments we received in this last question show that our customers want things fast – we understand that! This is our greatest area of opportunity and you can believe that we’re making the right changes for improvements in this area.

A few things we’ve done already:

  • Hired additional resources in Customer Service, Engineering & Metallurgy. This will help us respond in the most timely way to your needs and requests, expedite quotes more quickly and take on more capacity in our Metallurgy Lab
  • Instituted an on-going Continuous Improvement Program to remove costs from our products
  • We are working more closely with customer’s forecasts to ensure your demands are met