High Quality Products from Highly Qualified Experts.

As our customer, your products and brand rely on our expertise and attention to detail. This is why we focus on quality from initial design to final delivery.

Total Quality Program.

For Kondex, quality is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we’ve nearly doubled our engineering team in the last three years and spend an average of 1,000 hours each year field testing new or improved components. You can expect a team of dedicated experts to take your product needs into account throughout the design process. We utilize a number of quality assurance measures to ensure consistent high-quality products:

  • Incoming material is inspected, then tagged for traceability.
  • Bend tests ensure metallurgical ductility.
  • Impact tests check structural integrity.
  • Metallurgical analysis of raw materials and production batches ensures strength and integrity.
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) tests validate finished product dimensions against your specifications.
  • Wear testing helps determine optimal product life.

From product coatings and finishes to custom packaging and shipping containment, Kondex works with its customers to ensure the final product is a true reflection of their quality brand.

Kondex Is ISO certified.

Kondex Corporation is ISO 9001 Certified and our facility is designed to meet lean manufacturing standards. Developing uniform processes and applying them consistently throughout our manufacturing process is a challenge we welcome, because it ensures that our customers get the quality they demand. Strict process controls mean that we can be confident the products we deliver meet your exacting specifications, time after time.

We take our ISO certification very seriously, testing and cataloging our processes according to demanding ISO standards. Beyond that, you get product that meets even stricter standards – ours.

Since 1974, our name and our reputation is on the line with every product we’ve shipped. The real proof of our quality lies with the satisfied customers we’ve served and continue to serve.

ISO 9001_2008 certified


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Kondex Quality Policy.

Total Quality – implementing a quality system that encompasses all aspects of our business.
Exceeding Customer Expectations – providing solutions that surpass requirements.
Attitude of Continuous Improvement – continually optimizing customer value.
Meeting Delivery Requirements – following through on our commitments.