Kondex Promotes Sustainability in Business Practices.

ISO 14001:  Our Commitment To Good Environmental Stewardship.

Long-term continued operation relies on more than running an efficient and profitable business. As a manufacturer, employer and property owner, Kondex recognizes that everything we do has a direct or indirect effect on the environment and our community – so when we talk about being a sustainable company, we’re saying that we will conduct business in a manner that ensures that our processes and policies have a minimal impact on our surroundings.

To help us manage our sustainability goals and initiatives, we’ve adopted a formal environmental management system, called ISO14001. Similar to ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 is a family of standards that help organizations minimize negative effects to the natural environment; comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements; and continually improve the performance of environmental systems. Certified since 2009, we believe ISO14001 is the most comprehensive EMS methodology and is the best tool to support our commitment to sustainable practices.

Part of this commitment is expressed in our Environmental Policy, which states that Kondex will:

  • Work with all regulatory agencies and strive to comply fully with environmental legislation that pertains directly to our operations.
  • Consider the environmental impact of our business decisions relating to manufacturing processes, purchasing, supply chain management and future site development.
  • Develop process controls and procedures to effectively monitor and maintain manufacturing operations that have the potential for adverse environmental impact.
  • Provide the necessary training in environmental requirements and procedures to associates.

A significant benefit of ISO14001 is that through the investigation of more sustainable business practices, cost reduction opportunities are often identified. For example, green building technologies, such as a light-reflective roof and thermal-mass building envelope, help us reduce our energy use and emissions. By recycling cardboard, wood pallets and steel, we incur lower landfill fees.

Operating profitably and being a good steward of the environment are goals that can work hand-in-hand. Ultimately, we aim to have a net-zero impact on the environment as a result of our operations, while providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and the best overall value for our customers.

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