Supply Chain Sustainability

You’ll hear Kondex associates talk about Supply Chain Sustainability – but just what does that mean…to us, and to our customers?

At Kondex our Values and Beliefs have guided our supply chain decisions since the beginning. Today, we continue to expand that stewardship with Sustainability in all phases of the supply chain to protect the environment, act in a socially responsible manner and provide for the economic viability of Kondex. Here are a few examples of our Supply Chain Sustainability efforts:

  • In 2011 we made the decision to purchase 100% of our wooden pallets or containers made from heat-treated wood. The preferred practice is a returnable container that we commonly use for internal and external part movement. The heat-treated wood, when a customer shipment requires wood, helps prevent the spread of insects on both domestic and global shipments.
  • Kondex has worked with customers over the past several years to remove carcinogens from all zinc clear plating of components. Hard chrome plating has been eliminated where feasible and no cadmium plated material is used in any of our processes or products.
  • Kondex is actively involved in implementing Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act which prohibits the use of certain metals mined to finance armed conflict and human rights abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Supply Chain sources are audited for compliance.
  • We are currently underway with a project to become paperless in our internal processes and with our external supply chain as well. Our vision is to become completely electronic from our suppliers all the way to our customers using technology to replace paper.
  • With our primary steel supplier we have employed a recycling program that sends wooden pallets, steel banding and coated wrapping paper back to the supplier for reuse. Many of our steel products are made from 100% scrap metal, the ultimate recycling of steel.
  • All fasteners for Kondex products are received in plastic returnable containers and we continue to expand our recycling programs.

Whether it is the content, the use, the transportation or the disposal of material in the Kondex Supply Chain, our goal is Sustainability. We consider our suppliers and customers to be partners in sustaining our business and the world we operate in - Today and Tomorrow.