Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability initiatives are part of our critical strategies here at Kondex. These initiatives act as a guiding light to “do the right things” throughout the enterprise, and give us the responsibility to operate through enhanced social capital for the good of the community. There are direct benefits to our customers, too:

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Increased top lines
  • Reduced costs

In 2014 Kondex reached a significant milestone – our 40th anniversary. By virtue of longevity alone, our company can rightly be called a sustainable enterprise!

However, our ties to sustainability in all its definitions go much deeper. Our very first product manufactured back in 1974 was a self-sharpening sickle knife. It’s a product that remained sharp, allowed the farmer to remain in the field to finish the harvest, and reduced the number of worn knives that needed to be sent to the landfill.

Here are some additional examples:

  • Through the move to our new facility in 2007, Kondex has been dialing down our energy and water usage per production output. This includes a light-reflective roof and thermal-mass building envelope; we are also working with customers and suppliers to reduce costs through returnable containers and recycling programs with wood and cardboard.
  • The next 40 years will see sustained success with many of the same elements that helped Kondex reach its current status: customers, people and technology. However, with a different twist. This renewed commitment will differ from the past in that our customers face different challenges today than they did in the past. Customers will be coming to Kondex for solutions in wear improvement, improved fatigue life and greater ductility.
  • Through technology and improved Kondex associate knowledge and training, we’ll be stepping up the speed of innovation. Recently, we opened up our Product Development Center and have enhanced both our quality and metallurgical labs. We’ve boosted our investments in R & D and have added technically talented people in key spots throughout the organization. We’re working on a number of innovations in materials and coatings to improve critical characteristics demanded in our customer’s future products.
  • We’re committed to improving our local high school technical education departments with upgrades to equipment and processes reflective of those in our facility. We have partnered with many schools and are working with them on projects that push the frontier of today’s technologies.
  • We’re also taking on a social responsibility to establish a future for manufacturing in Wisconsin by working with local schools to encourage training in the trades. This will create another pathway for students – a pathway that’s tremendously challenging and rewarding.

The next four decades, just as the past four, are filled with promise for companies like Kondex that are committed to sustainability. Join us as we create this exciting future.