Kondex Is a Global Manufacturing Partner Focused on Quality.

Kondex was established in West Bend, Wisconsin in 1974. The founders, Jim Wessing and Ben Braunberger were motivated by a desire to respond to what they saw as an important market need. They saw that the agricultural market required a reliable source for high-quality cutting parts.

Over the years, the location and the ownership of the company have changed. What hasn’t changed is the company’s desire to identify and serve its customers' needs.

In 1982, Kondex was purchased by DLSM, Incorporated, a Milwaukee-based holding company. Kondex benefited from the acquisition and DLSM supported future growth. Associates became more involved in the decision-making process through the introduction of teams.

Today, Kondex parts are currently in use on five continents, demonstrating that our reputation for quality and reliability transcends language and geographical barriers.

Kondex's sister company, Res Manufacturing Company, has a common owner. Res provides metal stamped components and subassemblies. Learn more at www.resmfg.com.