ISO-Certified Sustainability

Kondex is committed to not only manufacture quality products, but also produce them in an environmentally conscious manner. We are continually analyzing our processes to ensure they support sustainability efforts. In addition to strict compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, some examples of our green practices include: 

Reducing Electricity Consumption

  • Use of high-efficiency, LED lighting throughout our facility, as well as occupancy-sensor activation in warehouse spaces
  • Use of variable frequency drives in manufacturing, HVAC, and air handling equipment 
  • Floor-to-ceiling plant windows increase natural lighting 
  • A white exterior roof reflects sunlight and lowers air conditioning demands

Clean Air Commitments

  • Kondex is consistently below DNR guidelines for VOC’s released to outside air
  • Paint booth filtration and pressure differential testing at the start of each shift ensures filter effectiveness

Clean Water Initiatives

  • All plant process wastewater is filtered before disposal to remove oils and solids. This ultra-filtration process is monitored and audited regularly
  • To control storm water runoff, nothing is stored outside of the building
  • Grounds are planted with a mix of native grasses and harvested crops, which require minimal mowing and chemicals

Additional Efforts

  • Comprehensive recycling program for production and operational activities
  • All skids and pallets are treated to eliminate the potential transfer of pests and meet the Import/Export Wood Packaging Guidelines (ISPM 15 International Standards)
  • Annual process environmental risk evaluation and review audits are conducted

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Kondex Environmental Policy 

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