More Than a Manufacturer.

Our skilled engineers and craftsmen deliver competitive advantage through innovative products and design.

Pinpoint Precision.

Ensuring your parts are manufactured precisely to specification requires quality assurance from all angles.

Innovation Sparked Here.

Using innovative technology to rethink your designs, we'll find improved solutions that support your goals and budget.

A Temper for Strength.

From austempering to induction and scan hardening, laser treating, and more, we offer the hardening capabilities to strengthen and improve your parts.


Latest News.

Kondex is actively involved with Technical Developments, Industry Organizations, and Community Involvement. Find out "What's New" here.

Coming Events.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
July 23-25, 2019 | Booth 714 (County Line Equipment)
Johnson Creek, IL

Farm Progress Show
August 27-29, 2019 | Booth VIT9127
Decatur, IL

October 1-3, 2019 | Booth 3144
Louisville, KY

October 16-18, 2019 | Booth 5009
Louisville, KY