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Problems Solved

Because you’re always looking for solutions to improve your harvest, we’ve identified several ways KX7 concaves overcome common harvesting challenges.

KX7 Solutions

Take Control of Rotor Loss

With higher crop prices, now is the best time to minimize your rotor loss to ensure you gain the most from you harvest! KX7 concaves can significantly lower rotor loss for a quick ROI.

The Cost of Rotor Loss

Customize Your Combine

KX7 concaves are available in full kits, ThreshStart™ kits, and individual components, allowing you to meet both harvest and budgetary needs.

Crop Customization

Find a Dealer

Kondex sells through a distributor/dealer network. Use our dealer locator tool to find your closest KX7 dealer.

KX7 Dealer Locator

See What KX7 is All About

KX7 is transforming harvest time — but don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our users have to say.

The Choice in Concaves is ClearIllinois popcorn grower Mark Berg expresses the importance of working with people who back their product. He shares his experience working with Kondex for the KX7 concaves in his John Deere S680 combine.

KX7 Install on Case IH 8250Kondex installed its KX7 concaves in a Case IH 8250 combine at Torgerson’s LLC in Havre, Montana. This upgrade will help increase capacity for harvesting 25,000 acres of winter wheat, pulse crops (peas, dry beans, lentils, and chickpeas), and spring wheat

The Right Concaves for PopcornIllinois popcorn grower Mark Berg shares his experience with KX7 concaves in his John Deere S680 combine and how they improved his harvest and grain quality.

KX7 Videos

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