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KX7 Videos

Feed & Fuel, Episode 1: Rotor Loss & Crop PricesKondex associates Jake and Andy discuss rotor loss, how KX7 helps minimize rotor loss, and why current higher grain prices make investing in KX7 concaves an easy decision.

KX7 Install on John Deere S670Before the fall corn/soybean harvest, Kondex helped install its KX7 concaves in a John Deere S670 combine just a few miles from us in Eldorado, Wisconsin. It was a smooth and easy install. We lowered the concaves and removed the z-plate for easier access.

KX7 Concave Overview: John Deere CombinesKX7 concaves are available for John Deere combines, and deliver greater capacity, better threshing, and improved grain quality than traditional concaves. In this video, Andy discusses these benefits, as well as the KX7 design and how they work.

KX7 Concave Overview: Case IH CombinesLearn about the KX7 concave design, benefits, and performance improvements for Case IH combines. Andy discusses how Kondex concaves provide improved threshing and separation, allowing for greater capacity, better grain quality, and decreased losses.

The Choice in Concaves is ClearIllinois popcorn grower Mark Berg expresses the importance of working with people who back their product. He shares his experience working with Kondex for the KX7 concaves in his John Deere S680 combine.

KX7 Install on Case IH 8250Kondex installed its KX7 concaves in a Case IH 8250 combine at Torgerson’s LLC in Havre, Montana. This upgrade will help increase capacity for harvesting 25,000 acres of winter wheat, pulse crops (peas, dry beans, lentils, and chickpeas), and spring wheat

The Right Concaves for PopcornIllinois popcorn grower Mark Berg shares his experience with KX7 concaves in his John Deere S680 combine and how they improved his harvest and grain quality.

Machinery Pete Interview at Commodity ClassicMachinery Pete stops by the Kondex booth at Commodity Classic to interview Jake and Andy about Kondex, KX7 concaves, and Straw Claw chopper blades.

Hard to Thresh Made EasyWhen harvesting soybeans, Bryan was thankful to have KX7 concaves in his Case IH 8120 combine to better adapt to varying moisture and threshing conditions.

Adjusting Your KX7 ConcavesBryan talks about the adjustments and harvest performance of the KX7 concaves in his Case IH 8120 combine. After using KX7 concaves, he was able to handle a broader variety of harvesting conditions without making frequent adjustments.

Who is the Ideal KX7 User?After using KX7 concaves in his Case IH 8120 combine, Bryan of Central Illinois comments on the ideal user for KX7 combines.

Improving Grain QualityHarvesting corn and soybeans with a Case IH 8120 combine, Bryan saw significant improvements in grain quality and reducing rotor loss after switching to KX7 concaves.

Ramp Up Your Concave PerformanceKX7 concaves from Kondex are purchased to solve a crop damming issue that this Illinois farmer was seeing with his Case IH 8120 combine.

KX7 Concaves & Straw Claw Chopper Blades from KondexMachinery Pete visits the Kondex Farm Progress booth to talk about KX7 concaves and Straw Claw chopper blades.

Farm Every Acre to its Fullest PotentialLooking to increase capacity in his combine, Matt Schenk from Southern Indiana invested in KX7 concaves. As a result, he gained a much cleaner sample and far less grain loss than he’d experienced with traditional concaves.

Reduce Rotor LossDean, a Massey Ferguson dealer, describes why he uses KX7 concaves. With less rotor loss than OEM concaves, Dean not only uses KX7 concaves himself, but also recommends them to his customers.

A Winning CombinationAfter putting KX7 concaves to the test in Eastern Oregon (Palouse Region), even a doubting John Deere-trained mechanic was impressed by the thresh quality and the system’s durability.

Cleaner Sample, Better DesignOregon custom harvester Bryan Jones describes the effectiveness of KX7 concaves in harvesting canola. He experienced less machine cleaning and an overall better experience with the design of KX7 concaves.

Improving EfficiencyThis custom harvester saw a 12% increase in efficiency using KX7 concaves as compared to his John Deere concaves. Harvesting in the Palouse region of Oregon, high wear was also a benefit.

Better Performance, Easier InstallationAfter a season of harvesting with KX7 concaves, Blake shares his intent to upgrade his entire custom harvesting operation to use KX7.

Tough in WheatA custom harvester from South Dakota shares his success with KX7 concaves when harvesting about 10,000 acres of wheat.

Success in SoybeansHarvesting several thousand acres of soybeans, KX7 concaves were found to have 15-20% better capacity over traditional concaves in harder to thresh conditions.

Harvesting ExcitementHear how this Louisiana farmer used KX7 concaves to improve his rice harvest.

A Better ConcaveHear directly from Emile, a Louisiana farmer, about his general perspective of KX7 concaves and their benefits to his harvest.

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