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What combine adjustments do I need to make with the Kondex KX7 concaves?

First, you must level and zero your concaves after installation. If you are not familiar with that process, please refer to your combine owner’s manual.

For settings, we recommend referring to your combine owner’s manual to make sure all your settings are within the manufacturer’s recommendations. From there, we suggest starting at the high end of concave clearance (up to +5) and low end of rotor speed. Based on the crops and conditions, you will use the same adjustment logic as defined in the owner’s manual to set the combine from there. For the best results, we typically see operators running more open concave clearance and slower rotor speed than they are used to running with other concaves. Another potential adjustment would be to increase ground speed. The Kondex KX7 system relies upon grain-on-grain threshing, which means you need to keep the combine fed. Increasing the concave clearance will allow more room for grain-on-grain threshing, and you may need to increase ground speed to make sure the rotor stays full for optimal performance.

Do you have threshing elements and/or separators you recommend changing with KX7 concaves?

No, we do not have any threshing elements or separators that we recommend changing with KX7 concaves. We do recommend referring to your combine owner’s manual to inspect for worn threshing elements or separators. If they are worn, we recommend replacing them. We have designed KX7 concave system to work with existing threshing elements and separators. In many cases, we’ve found that what’s perceived to be a separating issue is actually a threshing issue, and that is the driving force behind the helical design of our concave system and why we don’t change anything in the separator area. With the helical design, KX7 concaves deliver more efficient threshing, increased area for separation, and improved separation in the concaves for a cleaner sample and reduced loss, without having to change threshing elements or separators.

Can you put MaxThresh?™ and MaxRound™ boxes in the same frame?

Yes, within each specific make and model frame, MaxThresh and MaxRound boxes are interchangeable. No one knows your fields better than you, and interchangeable boxes allow for the ability to completely customize your concave configuration based on your crops and conditions. It also provides you with the opportunity to replace individual boxes if you bring a foreign object into your combine and it damages a box or two. This can save you from having to replace the full concave(s). The ability to customize KX7 concave configurations to your specific crops and conditions is unmatched by any other concave design on the market.

Do you offer an “All Crop” concave kit?

No, Kondex does not offer concave kits for use in all crops; however, we do offer kits that will work across multiple crops. For example, all makes and models have a corn and soybean kit that works great for both of those crops, but if you also have wheat, we recommend changing over two of the MaxRound assemblies to MaxThresh assemblies to optimize grain quality, produce a cleaner sample, and reduce losses when you get into wheat. With KX7 concaves, you don't have to sacrifice performance and capacity with a kit that does an okay job across many crops. Our goal is to optimize your combine’s performance in every crop to help you become as efficient as possible.

Do you have or recommend covers for Kondex KX7 concaves in any crops?

No, Kondex does not make any covers for its KX7 system. We don’t want to reduce the capacity of the combine at all by having to run covers and eliminate all separation in those areas. Additionally, we have specific kit recommendations for each crop that optimize your combine efficiency by providing the right balance of threshing and separating. With these kit recommendations, you can optimize your performance in each crop without sacrificing performance.

Do the KX7 concaves eliminate rotor loss?

It is statistically impossible to completely eliminate rotor loss. We have done significant testing in multiple crops with our kits, and we have consistently seen rotor loss at less than a half percent of the field average yield (<0.5%) across multiple crops.

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