Stop Struggling, Start Solving

Your harvest goals may differ from your neighboring farm or those thousands of miles away. KX7 offers diverse solutions to overcome many common harvest-time headaches. You’ve invested a lot in planting and cultivating your crops. Don’t risk an inferior return by using an inferior concave.

Expand the headings below to learn how KX7 will benefit your operation.

Rotor Loss is for the Birds!

Combating rotor loss is one of the biggest ways to improve your grain profit, and KX7 is your best source for preventing losses! It is statistically impossible to completely eliminate rotor loss, but we can get you as close as possible. With KX7, losses have been consistently at less than a half percent of the field average yield (<0.5%) across multiple crops, far less than traditional and alternative concave options. This is possible due to the improved up-front threshing that allows for more separation time. The KX7 design also greatly decreases plugging, which is a main contributor to rotor loss.

Food-Grade Quality? Check!

Whether you’re harvesting food-grade crops or just want to improve grain quality, we’ve got you covered. For difficult-to-harvest crops like popcorn, white corn, food-grade organic corn, and more, KX7 concaves are keeping the kernel and grain intact and undamaged. This, along with the cleaner sample and decreased rotor loss, translates to higher payouts for you! Time and time again, we hear from users that they’re seeing their best grain quality and samples.

Better Separation, Even in High Moisture

Poor separation causes trouble for farmers in many crops, particularly corn and soybeans. With KX7, you can stop worrying about delays or losses from plugging and focus on getting additional acres done. This is true not only in ideal conditions, but also in high-moisture crops. A KX7-equipped combine is an efficient and productive combine, thanks to our improved design.