Innovation: The Heart of Our Brands

Our Kondex brands are centered around innovation that drives value. While they may serve varying markets, each product line focuses on exceeding machinery performance expectations and helping end users achieve their goals.

Get more feet (and dollars) per day from your Horizontal Directional Drilling operation with Drill Defender™ HDD boring bits and components!

Drill Defender™

Revolutionize your combine with our half-width, high-performance Kondex Revolution™ concaves (exclusive to John Deere)!

Kondex Revolution™ Concaves

Take control of your harvest with the most customizable high-performance concaves!

KX7 Concaves

Stay on the cutting edge with our patented, self-serrating Stalk Claw chopping knives!

Stalk Claw Chopping Knives

Gain the upper hand on cut quality with our patented, self-serrating Straw Claw® chopper blades!

Straw Claw®