Farmers are known to be early risers, but when it comes to harvesting corn or soybeans, even the early birds have traditionally had a limiting factor on getting in their fields. Signs of dew or moisture on these crops have long been holding harvesters back for fear of plugging their concaves. Well fear no more, KX7 concaves offer the separation and air disruption needed to power through high moisture or wet conditions without clogging your combine and stopping you in your tracks. 

What effect does this have on your operation? Being able to harvest at 7am instead of 9:00 or 10:00 when the dew has dissipated gains you 2-3 hours of additional harvest time. KX7 concaves that don’t plug like other systems also means you’ll get more grain in your tank, rather than losing it out the back. Because KX7 concaves are more aggressive, they thresh earlier in the rotor – delivering more opportunity to separate the grain. This means your cleaning system functions more efficiently, and KX7 puts more clean grain in your tank. 

Take control of your harvest with KX7 concaves. Find a dealer near you, or learn what configuration is best for your combine.