KX7 concaves are the most flexible and adaptive concaves on the market with their half-width design and replaceable box inserts, allowing farmers to dial in their best harvest by matching threshing and separation needs to specific crops and conditions. This is especially important when harvesting high-moisture, high-yielding corn, which can be challenging to balance the right amount of threshing on very soft, easily damaged kernels. Switching to KX7 alone will improve performance in high-moisture corn. Beyond this, we’ve found that staggering the KX7 MaxThreshTM and MaxRoundTM concaves as shown below delivers even greater results.

KX7 concaves for John Deere combines with alternating threshing and separating assemblies in front positions

KX7 configuration for high-moisture corn with John Deere combines

KX7 concaves for Case IH Flagship combines with alternating threshing and separating assemblies

KX7 configuration for high-moisture corn with Case IH Flagship combines

“When harvesting 30% moisture corn, we have to be very careful not to grind the kernels into corn meal,” commented KX7 consultant Scott Budke. “With our KX7 design, we’re able to run slower rotor speeds and wider clearances so we can be more gentle and create more grain-on-grain threshing.”

The angled bar design of our KX7 concaves follows the natural flow of the crop through the threshing area. As the crop comes in, the initial MaxThresh concave(s) offer just enough threshing to gently release the kernel. The following MaxRound assemblies allow these kernels to drop to the cleaning system while also removing a large amount of MOG (material other than grain) early on. For combines with the returns coming back midway through the rotor, the additional MaxThresh assembly delivers extra threshing for maximum crop capture. 

“Alternating KX7 concaves early on results in less damage and about two percent less fines,” Budke added. “Many of the farmers I’ve helped have been using this configuration for corn and soybeans for years. It’s doing a better job and delivering a better sample.”

If you’re looking to improve the grain quality of your high-moisture corn harvest, first contact your local KX7 dealer or Kondex directly to discuss upgrading to KX7 concaves. Beyond that, consider adjusting the configuration for high moisture as described above to maximize your performance and profits.