At the 2022 Commodity Classic show, Kondex unveiled a new KX7 concave box insert option – the small hole MaxThreshTM box that is 50% more closed off than the standard MaxThresh box (as shown in photo to the right). The smaller hole option is ideal for difficult-to-thresh spring or winter wheat, low-yielding small grains, drought-impacted cereals, and crops with lighter stands. It is also ideal for combines using stripper headers since there is less material brought into the combine with that application. The small hole design keeps the crop in the rotor longer to greatly reduce whitecaps without large capacity losses. The flexibility of the KX7 design and its removeable box inserts allows farmers to install as many or as few of the small hole boxes as their conditions require, without the need to replace the concave frame.

Watch the Mini What's New presentation from Commodity Classic:

The KX7 small hole MaxThresh concave and inserts are currently available for John Deere combines, as shown below.

BA2-X06 – KX7 MaxThresh Small Hole Concave Assembly for John Deere

BB6-X06 – KX7 MaxThresh Small Hole Single Box Insert for John Deere

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