Field being harvested

We are often asked about what settings to use with our KX7 concaves, and we always recommend starting with what’s outlined in your combine’s owner’s manual. Our MaxThreshTM and MaxRoundTM concave design results in a more aggressive threshing action and improved separation, which should allow you to increase your ground speed given your field conditions. But the key to getting the greatest grain quality is in monitoring your output. If you’re new to using KX7, do a few quick checks for losses and grain integrity during harvest. Then dial in your exact settings for your machine and crop conditions as you go. Try opening the clearance slightly, then take a look at the results. If you see improvement or no negative results, try increasing your speed slightly. Don’t be afraid to tinker – you’ll get a better result by trying a few different settings. Just take it slow and only make one change at a time so you can track which works best.

No-Till Farmer magazine recently posted an article entitled, Tips for Efficiently Harvesting Corn. This has some great information to ways to minimize losses. Combine these tips with our concaves that are known to reduce rotor loss, and you’re on your way to an excellent harvest season!

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