2019 was a whirl of mixed weather. It started under water, got incredibly hot, and we’re now finally feeling comfortable outside again… at least for the time being. Weather has always been a factor on our harvest, but it’s out of our control. With that in mind, we feel it’s time for you to take the reins on what you can influence. It’s time to Take Control of Your Harvest with our KX7 concaves.

Given the thread of wacky weather, inconsistent crop maturity is common to harvest this year. Kondex KX7 concaves are giving you the flexibility to harvest in mixed moisture conditions – without sacrificing your grain quality, plugging up your machine, and losing your crop to rotor loss. This is possible through our unique angled bar design, individual threshing and separating box inserts, and half-width design. 

KX7 offers more immediate threshing and induces more grain-on-grain threshing. By clearing the grain earlier, it’s easier to separate and move on to the cleaning system. KX7 also allows for greater capacity, meaning you can increase your speed and intake. For large operations, this gained efficiency can account for days or weeks off harvest! 

You may be wondering about product life and how all this capacity affects the concaves. Well, we’ve got you covered there too. Our MaxThreshTM box inserts feature a proprietary laser cladding additive that not only maintains the integrity of the threshing bars, but helps with their performance as well. And our MaxRoundTM box inserts are also reinforced through a special heat treatment process. 

We understand each field is unique, which is why we’ve added greater customization to our concaves. At half the width to most traditional concaves, you have more flexibility with how to best set your machine. And with removeable, replacement box inserts, you can now create a unique-to-you mix of MaxThresh and MaxRound boxes in one assembly. While this isn’t typically necessary, the option is there. An option you’ll also enjoy should the unfortunate event of a rock entering this area occur. We’ll take a box replacement over a whole concave replacement any day! 

Contact us to continue this conversation and talk about your harvest and how Kondex can help. If you’d rather call, we’re here to help: 800-447-1860.