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Kondex Straw Claw® chopper blades deliver the ultimate value in residue management and product performance. Our patented, self-serrating design uses a laser cladding additive on a through-hardened blade to control product wear and maintain blade sharpness longer. Controlled wear results in less chipping and blade damage, which in turn helps better maintain rotor balance and minimize maintenance.

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Patent number 9,686,911

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Straw Claw® Performance vs. Traditional Blades

Dryer Bean Straw

Wet Bean Straw

  • Improved residue management (optimized size and distribution)
  • Longer maintained rotor balance
  • Extended product life
  • Sustained blade sharpness
  • Consistent performance throughout life of blade
4700 acres use

4700 acres of tough threshing in canola, flax, wheat, peas, and barley. And these things really worked well last year. Great product; do recommend to anyone that asks.

Jeremy | Rhines Farms | Sidney, Montana

Stay-Sharp Design

A sharp knife is an efficient knife. Straw Claw features a self-serrating design that sharpens as it cuts. Gained from our Tungstrong™ laser cladding enhancement that directs the wear pattern of the blade edge, this design also allows for easier cutting and a reduction in fuel consumption.

Unlike the hard-facing techniques used on traditional knives, Straw Claw’s laser cladding application won’t easily chip off, preventing premature blade dulling, inconsistent wear or imbalance, and frequent replacement.

Straw Claw provides a consistent wear pattern to keep your rotor balanced and prevent damage to bushings and bearings.

Straw Claw Earns AE50 Award

Straw Claw blades have been recognized as a winner of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) AE50 Award — a distinction that annually honors the most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agricultural industry.

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