Our Mission

At Kondex, all our associates share a common mission — to provide products and services that improve the ability to feed and fuel the world.

We believe this mission can be accomplished through our key values and beliefs.

Our Key Values

Honesty and Integrity — between one another and in all actions

Trust — in our actions, in one another, with our customers and suppliers

Humility — realizing that we succeed as Team Kondex

Ethical — working together in a manner consistent with our values and beliefs

Safety and Wellness — providing an environment that promotes safety and wellness

Our Key Beliefs

Common Direction — clearly defined and working toward a shared vision

Personal Involvement — being committed to achieving goals and objectives

Open Communications — between associates, customers, and suppliers

Personal Development — responsibility for personal growth contributing to success

Respect and Compassion — reflecting in decisions and actions affecting one another

Recognition — acknowledging actions that contribute to the success of Team Kondex