In-House Metallurgical Experts

Kondex is more than a metal fabricator; we are experts in the science of metals. Using that materials knowledge to deliver the highest quality products is what makes Kondex an exceptional manufacturing partner.

Our in-house metallurgical engineering team are key contributors to new product development. Knowing your product design and performance goals allows for a streamlined approach to material selection and achieving desired hardness values.

Kondex uses its state-of-the-art metallurgical lab to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest possible strength and integrity. Metallurgical analysis includes:

  • Heat treatment and inbound material validation
  • Process and production analysis
  • Chemical verification
  • Weld quality and additive manufacturing examination
  • Bend tests ensure ductility and resistance to cracking
  • Impact tests validate material toughness
  • Wear tests help determine optimal product life
  • Product research and development
  • Competitive analysis