The Cutting Edge of Agriculture

If it’s sharp and used in agriculture, it’s likely a Kondex-made product. We pay close attention to blade sharpness and durability and put our innovation to work in advancing both qualities. Beyond the other cutting products highlighted on this site, some additional knives we manufacture include:

Baler Knives

Used for cutting hay to create the proper widths of bales, these knives are sharp and durable. Our baler product family also includes twine and net wrap knives - all resulting from precision machining for a blade that's cut out for a challenge.

Stalk Chopper Knives

In addition to our Kondex-patented Stalk Claw chopping knives, we also manufacture stalk chopper knives for original equipment manufacturers. Our blades are designed to outperform and outlast alternative options, while our processes maintain blade sharpness longer for a more efficient cut.

Straw Chopper Knives

Beyond our own Straw Claw® chopper blades, Kondex also manufactures chopper knives for original equipment manufacturers. Our quality focus and vast manufacturing capabilities position Kondex to supply high volumes of blades at critical tolerances and specifications.