We Set the Standard…Literally

Since the late 1990s, when our team was heavily involved in setting the standards for disc mower knife (DMK) manufacturing and testing, Kondex has been leading the way in making DMKs. Because these knives spin at high rates of speed and have the potential to encounter obstacles during use, safety is of the utmost importance. Beyond safety, the performance of these knives is what sets our DMKs above the rest.

Disc mower knives are used on mower conditioners that are pushed or pulled by tractors. Typically, there are two DMKs mounted on opposite sides of oval discs — also referred to as turtle shells. Kondex DMKs are made to varying lengths, widths, twist angles, and mounting hole diameters. We supply these knives to all major OEMs, including new production and service components. Focusing on performance, Kondex DMKs offer many features that enable them to cut smoother, last longer, and operate more safely than other knives:

  • Machined cutting edge delivers improved sharpness
  • Milled edge stops before mount holes for greater structural strength
  • Radial-twist design improves lifting action for a smoother cut
  • Superior heat treatment provides greater impact absorption

Kondex Disc Mower Knife Testing

Kondex Disc Mower Knife Safety Case Study

Rolled vs. Machined Disc Mower Knives