Join the Revolution

Kondex Revolution™ concaves are offered exclusively through John Deere dealers, currently available as a factory-installed option on new combines or a dealer-installed service option. These half-width concaves offer similar benefits to our KX7 concaves but in a one-piece design. Kondex Revolution concaves are backed by John Deere’s warranty.

Concave Options

Revolution MaxThresh™ Assemblies

  • Reduces whitecaps without concave covers to increase threshing capacity
  • Increases total capacity at lower power consumption in conditions like tough-threshing wheat
  • Flat grate segments with oval openings
  • Raised/angled interrupter bars
  • Laser cladding high-wear additive extends product life by 2-3 times

Revolution MaxRound™ Assemblies

  • Threshes well in tough conditions, like green-stem soybeans, while maintaining grain quality
  • Increased total capacity at lower power consumption in certain crop conditions, like high-moisture corn
  • Round-bar, angled-grate combination

Product Details

Kondex Revolution concaves offer greater versatility in matching varied crop conditions. They are also lighter, easier to change/install, and are available for S-Series and STS combines*. Hardware is included with all concaves.

John Deere Part No. BXE11144

Kondex Revolution MaxThresh Small Grains Concave Kit

John Deere Part No. BXE11145

Kondex Revolution MaxRound Coarse Grains Kit

John Deere Part No. AXE76999

Kondex Revolution MaxThresh Assembly (single concave)

John Deere Part No. AXE77000

Kondex Revolution MaxRound Assembly (single concave)

*Not available for 9560 STS, 9570, or S550 combines.

Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information