Join the Revolution

Kondex Revolution™ concaves are offered exclusively through John Deere dealers, currently available as a factory-installed option on new combines or a dealer-installed service option. These half-width concaves offer similar benefits to our KX7 concaves but in a one-piece design. Kondex Revolution concaves are backed by John Deere’s warranty.

High-Performance Concaves

Revolution MaxThresh™ Assemblies

  • Reduces whitecaps without concave covers to increase threshing capacity
  • Increases total capacity at lower power consumption in conditions like tough-threshing wheat
  • Flat grate segments with oval openings
  • Raised/angled interrupter bars
  • Laser cladding high-wear additive extends product life by 2-3 times

Revolution MaxRound™ Assemblies

  • Threshes well in tough conditions, like green-stem soybeans, while maintaining grain quality
  • Increased total capacity at lower power consumption in certain crop conditions, like high-moisture corn
  • Round-bar, angled-grate combination

Product Details

Kondex Revolution concaves offer greater versatility in matching varied crop conditions. They are also lighter, easier to change/install, and are available for S-Series and STS combines*. Hardware is included with all concaves.

Part No. BXE11457

Kondex Revolution Small Grains Full-Rotor Concave Kit

Part No. BXE11458

Kondex Revolution Coarse Grains Full-Rotor Concave Kit

Part No. BXE11144

Kondex Revolution MaxThresh Small Grains Front-Position Concave Kit

Part No. BXE11145

Kondex Revolution MaxRound Coarse Grains Front-Position Concave Kit

Part No. AXE76999

Kondex Revolution MaxThresh Assembly (single concave)

Part No. AXE77000

Kondex Revolution MaxRound Assembly (single concave)

*Not available for 9560 STS, 9570, or S550 combines