Better by Design

Better-performing products start with the design. Kondex offers a unique collaborative approach to its product design by including teams from engineering, metallurgy, sales, and operations. This brings greater insight to identify and achieve key deliverables from the initial kickoff to final delivery. Our team will work with you to define the materials, processes, and technologies best suited to meet your product goals.

To minimize disruption to ongoing production, Kondex has invested in an isolated Product Development Center that’s specifically tooled to manufacture prototype projects. This allows for greater focus on new product development without impacting the manufacturing timelines of existing products.

Kondex's Product Development Center (PDC)

Following product development, our team will assist as needed with field test designs and data collection. Regular communication with the project team ensures all parties are well informed of the latest developments and product status. When a product is ready for production levels, it’s transferred to our main manufacturing areas for high-volume runs. Regardless of the production stage, our focus is always on delivering high-quality components that drive market value.