The Grass is Greener with Kondex Blades

Kondex sod cutter blades are manufactured using premium grade steel and high-precision manufacturing processes. These components are available in both standard and high-wear designs that utilize our advanced wear prevention for a blade that’s built to last!

Take comfort in knowing your sod cutter is built to withstand impact, thanks to the superior heat-treat processes we use. Because Kondex focuses on high-quality manufacturing, end users spend more time harvesting sod and less time changing blades!

Kondex manufactures a variety of blade styles and sizes to meet your goals and specifications.

Our high-wear sod cutters feature our unique laser cladding protection on the bottom and side edges, the areas most susceptible to wear.

This comparison image shows two used sod cutters (laser clad blade on left, traditional blade on right). As demonstrated, the laser cladding provides a profound increase to the life of the part.