Quality to the Core

Kondex manufactures and supplies a complete line of aerator tines, which are used to combat soil compaction and improve the overall health of your lawn and turf. Kondex manufactures both high-precision tines, commonly used at golf courses or sports fields, as well as the tines for residential or landscape use.

Kondex produces several varieties of tines, including solid, side eject, formed, and hollow tines. Within each of these categories, we manufacture different diameters and lengths, ranging from a few inches to our deep tines that are more than 18” long. Kondex also offers carbide-tip tines for high-wear applications.

Regardless of type or use, Kondex manufactures its tines to meet or exceed stringent quality tolerances. For precision applications, this translates to tines that won’t disturb the turf beyond the hole — a key component to regrowth and overall turf health.

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