Heat-Treat Technologies Ensure Product Integrity.

At Kondex, we start by selecting the right material for the application. Depending on your product goals, we may then apply different heat-treat processes to improve the durability and performance of the metals we employ. Heat treatment ensures that both the mechanical and physical properties are optimized for any given application, and that the hardness meets your product design requirements.

Heat Treat Options.

  • Austempering. This through-hardening process is used on ferrous alloys to ensure superior product performance. It provides additional ductility and impact resistance over quench and temper.
  • Induction Hardening. Kondex uses this process to harden selective areas of our products. Induction heating is applied to stationary parts, followed by quenching to reach optimal hardness levels specific to each component.
  • Scan Hardening. As a form of induction hardening, this application is used to harden larger components passing through the treatment area.
  • Laser Heat Treating. This innovative technology uses a laser to treat steel and ductile iron material, and can treat the exact areas of need.