Advanced Machine Operator Barb Holzem recently retired after 17 years of service with Kondex. Holzem's career with Kondex began in 2005, and included a variety of roles in her tenure. In addition to machine operation, she’s done a lot of painting, assembly, and packaging work. She enjoyed working with machines at a steady pace, and is proud to hold a perfect attendance record and to have never been late. She attributes this to her parents teaching her to work for what she wanted – a characteristic that was noticed by management. 

“Anyone who has worked with Barb knows that she exhibits that old-school work ethic, where coming to work on-time and working hard all day is just the way you’re supposed to do things,” said VP of Manufacturing Brian Bloczynski. “Not only did Barb maintain consistently high production standards throughout her years, but she was also a standout contributor to both our 5S and CIP programs. She has a lot to be proud of and I thank Barb for her dedication to Kondex. She will be missed.”