What Is Laser Cladding?

Laser cladding is an additive manufacturing process that utilizes a laser to metallurgically bond performance coatings to a product’s base material. The process uses the laser to create a shallow melt pool of the base material. The coating material is introduced into this melt pool in either powder or wire form. The energy from the laser subsequently melts the binding materials of the coating material resulting in a true metallurgical bond between the coating and the base material. The very same technology can be used to fabricate 3D parts with high design flexibility as coatings are just deposited on top of each other, thus forming a solid part layer by layer. Learn more »

Laser Cladding Benefits.

  • 10%+ better wear resistance over thermal spray
  • Greater product design flexibility
  • Little to no distortion, regardless of part size
  • Greater impact resistance; won’t delaminate or chip off
  • Decreased product complexity

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Cladding Options.

  • CrystalloyTM
  • Tungstrong™ / Tungstrong Plus™
  • ToughstrikeTM

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Laser cladding benefits parts of all types, including:

  • Extreme wear surfaces
  • Cutting edge retention
  • Knife edges, blades and high-wear cutting components of all kinds
  • Parts in highly abrasive conditions
  • Part-to-part sliding wear

Laser cladding can also be used to build up a feature or adjoin components on existing parts (see laser additive).


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