In the past three years, Kondex has reduced its DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) rate by more than 60%. This metric is used to measure the impact of job-related injuries, as it tracks those that prevent someone from working, restrict one’s activities, or require transfer to another task. While the company aims for zero incidents, this downward trend is reflective of the ongoing efforts to keep our associates safe.

“We’ve created a strong commitment to worksite safety that’s supported by a dedicated safety team,” commented Kondex VP of Manufacturing Brian Bloczynski. “This group does an excellent job identifying potential hazards, investigating incidents, preventing future occurrences, and training associates.”

2019 Safety Team

Kondex has always maintained a DART rate well below the industry average. In acknowledgement of the most recent improved safety commitments, the company has lowered the DART benchmark again.

“Associate safety will always be top priority,” Bloczynski added. “Although a single injury can spike a DART rate considerably, our lowered goal remains achievable as a result of our strong safety culture and dedication to shrinking on-the-job injuries.”